woskan UNRE AI LIMITED | 3D High Accuracy Scanning | UCL360 UNRE,3D Face Scan,3D Measurement,3D Object Measurement,Beauty Industry,USE 3D CONNECT PEOPLE & WORLD,3D,2D,UCL360,UCL UNRE AI Limited was founded in 2017. With advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence technology, the company concentrates on developing core technologies such as 3D photography and modeling of face, human body, object and space, artificial intelligence analysis and measurement, transmission, storage and display interaction...
Q: What is UNRE 3D FaceApp?
A: UNRE 3D FaceApp for Apple iPhone X and new iPad Pro uses the internal TrueDepth camera to capture a face in 3D, FaceApp then doing the Deformation,Analysing and Morphing etc.
Q: How does it work?
A: For the SDK, we will provide DEMO app with SDK instructions and the API call instructions. For the App, please download UNRE 3D app in the app store.
Q: Who would want to use UNRE 3D FaceApp?
A: UNRE 3D app can be used for Beauty Clinic,Try on.
Q: What UNRE 3D SDK includes?
A: It includes four main parts:
1) 3D Scanning SDK:Based on the UNRE 3D intelligent pixel enhancement engine and AI-assisted 3D super-resolution, the 3D face model can be reconstructed accurately.
2) 3D Analysing SDK: Based on the UNRE point cloud depth-aware coding engine, it achieves accurate face segmentation and feature point detection and full face size measurement.
3) 3D Morphing SDK: Based on UNRE point cloud depth-aware coding engine,3D face big data & deep learning semantic perception
4) 3D Deformation SDK: Based on UNRE point cloud depth-aware coding engine,3D face big data & deep learning semantic perception
Q: Is there a SDK avalible for developer?
A: Yes, you can get the DEMO by download UNRE 3D from APP store, and you can buy the SDK from our website directly to start your project.
Q: What kind of Camera can be used for the currently SDK?
A: For IOS, the camera inside iPhoneX and iPad Pro can support it.
    For Android and Windows OS, it can work with Intel Realsense D415 and other models.
Q: How to get the SDK?
A: You can buy from our website or you can contact with our business team by email or phone call.
Q: Except iOS SDK, do you also have SDK for Android and Windows?
A: Yes, we also have SDK for Android and Windows, for more question, pls contact with our business team.
Q: What is UNRE 3D AIO?
A: UNRE 3D AIO is an Android smart tablet that supports dual mode 3D cameras. UNRE 3D AIO deeply integrates UNRE 3D Senz algorithm engine, supports 3D face/object precision scanning, 3D face analysis and deformation, 3D object measurement, 3D data compression and other 3D application development SDK, providing full-stack service for software,hardware, and technical support.
Q: Why choose UNRE 3D AIO?
A: AI+3D super computing ability
    Support dual mode 3D camera
    Support series 3D application development SDK
    Portable and light
Q: What is AIO Application?
A: 3D Beauty
    3D Object measurement
    3D Try-On
Q: What kind of 3D cameras can be used for AIO?
A: Intel D415
    UNRE U8091
Q: What kind of SDK can support AIO?
A: 3D face scanning SDK
    3D face analysing SDK
    3D face deformation SDK
    3D face morphing SDK
    3D object measurement SDK
UNRE 3D One Shot
Q: What is UNRE One Shot?
A: The UNRE One Shot is a wide angle capture device that provides an easy way to quickly create pefect 3D human face Models.
Q: How does it work?
A: It works for indoor environment with proper light condition. Open the application capture interface, follow the instruction of the application and finish the capture.
Q: What kind of Cameras can be used for UNRE One Shot?
A: Most Intel® RealSense™ Depth Cameras can be used for the UNRE One Shot. Intel D415 and D435 are supported.
Q: Is the SDK can be provided with the One Shot ?
A: A software d3evelopment kit (SDK) can be provided as a dynamic link library (dll) file to export generated 3D model file and its corresponding texture file.
Q: How to buy the One Shot device?
A: Please contact with business team, or send email to business@UNRE.com
Q: What UNRE 3D Camera U8089 is?
A: The UNRE 3D Camera U8089 is a high precision 3D scanner that exports OBJ, FLY and STL.
Q: What UNRE 3D camera U8089 can be use for?
A: The UNRE 3D Camera U8089 can be used for realistic detail face modeling and object scanning.
Q: What kind of OS can U8089 support?
A: The U8089 supports Windows OS 7, Windows OS 8, Windows OS 8.1 and Windows OS 10.